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Re: all the chinese whispers


> Using Jorge, and someone else who said he was capable of translating out of
> Spanish, you could have a Spanish phase.  If you can recruit Cyril and Ivan
> you could add a Russian phase (I don't think I would be competent enough
> for Russian on any non-strightforward text, which is what I suspect the
> result would be).

Sorry, but I have missed the point. What is "Chinese wispers" at all?
Is it a sort of game when some phrase is consequently translated throw
a chain of languages and than accamulated bugs explored and laughted?
(It is called "isporchennyi telefon' ('broken phone') in russian).

If so, I can translate (with rather bad quality) from/to english to/from
russian, and from (alas not to) esperanto, german and maybe lojban.

co'o mi'e. kir.

Cyril Slobin <slobin@fe.msk.ru> `When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said,
<http://www.fe.msk.ru/~slobin/> `it means just what I choose it to mean'