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le reroi cuplinfanva cuntu


> > The "lei se porpi ke darxi" gave me quite a few problems, I think that it is
> > literally 'the mass of smashers-to-pieces' i.e. agents who strike something
> > causing it to become fragmented.
> I think it means literally "the fragmenting struck-stuff".
> {lei se porpi darxi} would mean "the fragment hitterage".

Here is my reasoning.

We have:

        x1 hits x2 with instrument x3 at locus x4

        x1 breaks into pieces x2

And parsing the jufras:

    1. "lei se porsi darxi"     ({lei <[se porsi] darxi> KU} VAU)

    2. "lei se ke porsi darxi"  ({lei <se [ke (porsi darxi) KE'E]> KU} VAU)

The SE selma'o has quite high priority inside tanru.  Therefore, I take (1) to
be a mass of things described as strikers of something, the something which
becomes pieces.  I would take (2) as a mass of things described as that which
are struck by something and which break.


co'o mi'e dn.