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Re: fuzzy truth

Steve argues eloquently for the need to express fuzzy truth
using numbers and for the psychological naturalishness of
doing so. I am persuaded by these arguments, and conclude
that we therefore need a new one-member selmao that takes
a number expression (like MOI and ROI do) and yields a NA.
I will call this cmavo {xoi} in selmao XOI.

Please note that for the time being my NA + CAI and NAhE +
CAI proposals still stand. It's the {jeu} + CAI proposal
that is replaced by {xoi}.

That's my main point.

He continues:
> The closest gismu for fuzzy would seem to be <kerfa>
> x1 is a/the hair/| [body-part] of x2 at body location x3
> Although <kerfa> seems to be referring to animals (or perhaps the leftover
> pizza in the back of my refrigerator), couldn't it also be used for the
> idea of fuzzy sets or fuzzy logic?
> <X1> <kerfa> <fuzzy numerator> <fuzzy denominator>

Is this a joke?

> If this is unsatisfactory, how about a lujvo or le'avla for fuzzy?

If a lujvo, something including {murse} "dawn/dusk" might be good.
But this isn't the job for a brivla, for if you are content with
a brivla then we already have what you need: {jei}.

   li pi mu jei mi clani
   "O.5 is the truth value of that I am tall"

In contrast, I want us to be able to say:

   mi pi mu xoi clani
   pi mu xoi ku mi clani