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possible events

>> There is every problem with such nu objects. {nu la djordj ualas cu
>> merko gugde ralju} is false.
>I assume that by "false" you meant that it is predicated of {noda}.
>In that case, how do you say "I desire George Wallace to be etc."?
>Certainly "mi djica le nu ..." is traditional here.  There is a difference
>between what contingently didn't happen, but could have, and what is
>not a happening at all.

In the interests of time, I'll stay out of this one, but mention an
aside to you, in case it is useful.

da xusra ledu'u 2+2=5

is perfectly acceptable, because one can assert a falsehood.

Similarly, one can seek an impossible event

da djica lenu 2+2=5

or perhaps that is

da djica lenu ledu'u 2+2 = 5 cu jetnu

but I think we have defined the x2 of djica such that the desired event
represents an event that the relationship holds.

so I disagree with And that
> > > Right. A major property is temporality - nu are associated with times
> > > and duu arent.
> > Well, that's shaky.  "le nu li re su'i re du li vo" is probably the same
> > as "le du'u li re su'i re du li vo", although both are equally temporal
> > or atemporal or totitemporal or what you will.
> I don't think such atemporal or omnitemporal things can be nu. For me,
> all nu must be terminable.

Since nu can include states, and ze'e is a possible interval, there is
no restriction on interminable events.

And of course "lenu la cevni cu zasti" is presumably an intemrinable
state that most people would not have trouble with conceptually, so it
is perhaps that And is just getting hung up on the E, word "event" when
he talks about abstraction and terminability.

>No, the problems apply to "da", not "xe'u", since "xe'u" is just a
>quantifier.  And they don't apply, at least not with such force.  There
>are already three da-series cmavo, which solves many problems all by
>itself before subscripting has to be brought in at all.

Remember that PA is NOT quantifier_300, but a digit.  I think you need a
new selma'o that parallels q_300 in some (but perhaps not all) of its
occurances.  Does xe'u make any sense in MEX for example?