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Re: fuzzy truth

la djan cusku di'e

> Diffidently I point out that this is another possible application for
> the Dreaded Subscript:
>         mi ja'a xipimu clani
>         ja'a xipimuku mi clani

Does that mean that {ja'a xino} will mean the same as {na}?

I still don't think that ja'a/na is the place for fractional truth values.
(It is the right place for showing the robustness of the given truth value,
which is a different matter, and has to do with how close the situation is
to having the opposite truth value.)

On the other hand, you could mention {je'u xipimu} for the fuzzies.
Bob Chassell also suggested {ju'o xipimu} for degrees of certainty, and
there would also be {la'a xipimu} for probabilities.

> Unless I hear sound objections (as opposed to loud howls) I'll write this
> into the text paper.


(That's a howl, not an attitudinal.)