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Re: fuzzy truth

Translation follows.

> > Diffidently I point out that this is another possible application for
> > the Dreaded Subscript:

.i ju'oru'e mi nelci

> On the other hand, you could mention {je'u xipimu} for the fuzzies.
> Bob Chassell also suggested {ju'o xipimu} for degrees of certainty, and
> there would also be {la'a xipimu} for probabilities.

.i zo xi jorne lo cmavo be zo .ui ji le lidne be ri valsi .i mu'a lu da
ju'o xipa broda lu'u selsmu simsa la'elu daxipa ju'o broda li'u xunai

co'o mi'e. goran.

I think I like it.

Does xi join with UI, or with the preceeding word? I.e. doesn't {da ju'o
xipa broda} mean approximately the same as {daxipa ju'o broda}?

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