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Re: le'avla tergismu

>What is the place structure of a le'avla that uses a given rafsi prefix
>'brodr-'? I would guess it's that of 'broda'. Is it so? Is there a rule
>about this?

There are as yet no rules for inventing place structures for le'avla/fu'ivla,
and there may never be, since the act of borrowing is so ad hoc.  Certainly
some le'avla could incorporate the prefix-tags places, but I doubt that all
of them would.

There are as yet very few le'avla other than those relating to cultures/
langauges/countres, etc., that have yet been made, and even among those, there
has been little usage of le'avla except in le/lo/loi descriptions which
seldom call on one to use places other than x1.  So we really have no
significant amount of precedent on which to build or discover rules.