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Why does Lojban make the world a better place?

Well, as the baseline truly draws near and the time for publishing the
set of books likewise draws near, I am taking a stab at looking for
some funding for our initial publication run.  I have a kind of nod
from lojbab to start locating possible funding sources, writing to
foundations, and other such things (as long as I don't generate more
things for him to do!).

A large part of this is going to be justifying why Lojban is a good
thing.  Not just a fun thing to do, or interesting, or unusual, or
intellectually stimulating, but "good" in the sense of making the
world a better place.  Why should a foundation or philantropist give
money to us instead of feeding starving children in India?

So I am soliciting two things:

1) Any ideas anyone has for funding sources, please do let me know.  I
am developing my own list by various nefarious means, but if anyone
knows of someone who is predisposed to listen to us, I would be *very*
happy for suggestions.

2) Reasons why Lojban is inherently, intrinsicly valuable.  Why does
Lojban make the world better?  How does Lojban make the world better?
If Lojban does not exist in twenty years, how will be all be the
poorer?  Any ideas here will also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, all.  Wish me luck.

                                        Dave Barton <*>
                                        dlb@wash.inmet.com )0(