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Logical connectives and questions (and: Re: Beginner question on meaning of "le ... xu ku" and "le ... ku xu")

From: Chris Bogart <cbogart@quetzal.com>

>Sounds good to me.  I wonder if {le xu cutci ku} would be the same as
{le cutci
> ku xu}.

lo'u le xu cutci ku le'u jboge'a mintu lo'u le cutci ku xu le'u

That's something I didn't consider in my playing with {xu}.  Yes, it
seems that it should.

"If the word that an indicator (or group) attaches to is itself a cmavo
which governs a grammatical structure, then the indicator construct
pertains to the referent of the entire structure." {Refgram, Chp 9.9]

I just hadn't considered attaching it to the {le}.

How's this?

le mlatu cu citka le xu ma cutci
.i citka le xu cutci .i go'i .ijo citka le ma cutci

(I haven't gotten to the pro-sumti/bridi yet, and I can't spend any more
hours composing an email. ;) )
Erik W. Cornilsen