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Re: flowers (was "re: beginner's question")

Other than having no idea what the Turkish aorist means, I think I'll stick
with the comments that I made last time.  As to the difference bewtween
bUtUn and her, I don't see any obvious difference in how you would translate
into Lojban, but if you could give an example where the semantics WERE
different in Turkish (minimal pair - obviously you have to change
agreements), it might suggest something.

>If anyone wants to pursue this string further, I have a stock of Turkish
>sayings I'm planning to translate into Lojban (my way of learning the
>language).  I think proverbs and folk-sayings from non-European cultures
>would be a good way to maintain/test Lojbanic cultural neutrality, as well
>as seeing how good it is at figurative and alllusive language, and I would
>invite other speakers of non-SAE languages to contribute.

I encourage you to do so, partly because it presents an alternative to
technical discussions that will likely interest many subscribers.  I am
of course wary of attempts to deal with figuratve usage in Lojban, but
but non-SAE cultures may at least broaden awareness and understanding of
te problem.

What would be neat is if something that gets posted fr translation inspired
someone to try to write something in Lojban from scratch.  Even 3 or 4
sentences, that may be suggested by theideas that are translated.  I am
reminded by Mark Shoulson's ckafybarja story that explained why a certain
word form had a certain etymology, and stretched this out to a page or so
of text.

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