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My LOjban->Prolog thingy

Well, ladies and germs, this is what I can get my Lojban-PROLOG processor to
do so far:

Input text:
}mi nelci le klama be le zarci be le ckafi be'o bei le pulji bei le berti

Parser output, after going through LEX:

}brivla nelci
}brivla klama
}brivla zarci
}brivla ckafi
}brivla pulji
}brivla berti
}mi nelci le klama be le zarci be le ckafi ku beho ku bei
}le pulji ku bei le berti ku beho ku vau

PROLOG output

}[q(suho(1), _FIPFN, q(suho(1), _FIREF, q(suho(1), _FISES, ckafi(_FISES, _FISZG,
}[], q(suho(1), _FIUAD, pulji(_FIUAD, _FIUUR, _FIUUS, _FIUUT, _FIUUU), [],
}q(suho(1), _FIVID, berti(_FIVID, _FIWCR, _FIWCS, _FIWCT, _FIWCU), [],
}klama(_FIPFN, _FIREF, _FIUAD, _FIVID, _FIWRT)))), [], nelci(mi, _FIPFN,

Branched quantifiers: E X : broda(X) ; brode(X) => su'o broda ku poi brode
There exists a broda, which brode's, such that...
(These are preferred in Linguistics to the normal plain "E X".
q(E,X,A(X),B(X),C(X)) = (E X: broda(X) ; brode(X)) (C(X))
There exists an A, which Bs, such that C.

}E X:
}    E Y:
}       E Z: ckafi(Z); [] (zarci(Y,Z))
}       ; [] (
}            E W: pulji(W) ; [] (
}                                E V: berti(V); [] (klama(X,Y,W,V))
}                                )
}            )
}   ; [] (nelci(mi,X))

Nick S. Nicholas,                      "Rode like foam on the river of pity
CogSci & CompSci student,               Turned its tide to strength
University of Melbourne, Australia.     Healed the hole that ripped in living"
nsn@{munagin.ee|mundil.cs}.mu.oz.au           - Suzanne Vega, Book Of Dreams