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Re: Navaho (was: version declaration for le lojbau)

I'm not sure that Colin's pseudo-lujvo of name-zei-brivla meet the morpholog-
gical rules of the language, even if they are grammatically OK.  Names not
marked preceding with "la" or "doi" or grammatically where 'any-word' is allowed
as in 'zoi' quotes and la'o names, are theoretical subject to being absorbed
into a preceding word (or absorbuing a preceding word).

On the other hand, in theory, pausing before a name will always delimit it.
This is an effect of the morphology and might permit such odd uses of names
where they are otherwise forbidden.  But I tend to discourage it - I don't
want to see the language drift towards, for example, pause-headed vocatives
instead of vocatives marked with 'doi'.

Still, we allow name+bu, so I guess the morphology processor should accept
name+zei+brivla.  But the purpose of zei was to allow le'avla to be used in
compounds, not names, and I am less than compelled to support stretching a
rule formulation to its logical extreme, as these pseudo lujvo seem to be
doing.  Turning the name into a le'avla is a better approach than leaving it
in the morphologically risky yet not necessarily any better (at matching the
original word), then making the name into a le'avla.