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Re: mu pemcrlimriki be fi la xorxe jambi gihe mibrocta

> [What is "iseju"?]

Sentence logical connector. It says that the second sentence
is true whether or not the first one is. (seju is the reverse of ju.)
Something like "in any case".

>      Mi .uu.uhu fe dahu cu dracki
>      ehe nai lo ba se te se facki
>      be lo jmifri co jakne
>      (noi pehi na lakne)
>      beho fo le vi selsku djusacki:

        i ki'e doi and le do sidju
        cu tolpunji mi le manmidju
        i le sacki pu banzu
        le nu snada ganzu
        lei cizra je cfipu vlabidju

> > >    Dehe remoi cu se ja te temci
> >
> > 1. You have two selbri in the first line.
> Oh dear. Can we change it to "remoi ku" then? "A second occasion".

Nope, that's not a sumti. {ca lo remoi ku} would be "at the time of a second
something". But what you really want is {rere'u}, where {re'u} is the ordinal
ROI, not quite official yet.

Also, {se ja te temci} is probably not what you meant. {seja} means the
same as {ja}, because it is a symmetric connector.