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Re: loglan rapprochement orthography

> > Could someone please post the alternative lojban orthography
> > designed to ease rapprochement with tli loglan?
> In short: names and ".i" are capitalized, word-final pauses are written
> as commas, word-initial pauses are either not marked or are marked by
> adding a comma to the previous word, syllabic r l m n are doubled, /x/
> is written as "h", /au/ is written as "ao", apostrophes are replaced by
> commas (which need not be written unless ambiguity would result, viz.
> a,i e,i o,i a,o always; i,a i,e i,i i,o i,u u,a u,e u,i u,o u,u in UIs,
> names, and fu'ivla).

Thanks. Is this a rejected proposal, or is it an official alternative

coo, mie And