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doubleplusungood quality

>>>I am referring
>>>here to the simplified English of the novel 1984, where compound predicates
>>>like doubleplusungood were imposed on the hapless citizenry.
>>Ah you wereusing "doubleplusungood quality" as a two term tanru where the
>>first term exemplifies the second rather than restricts it.  Not common in
>>Lojban, which is whyt I did not see it.
>Interesting. It *could* mean that, but I hadn't thought of it, (except in
>the sense that all English prose is poetry.) I meant:
>which might cover everything from "existential angst" to "there's a rock in
>my shoe" to "Michael Bolton" It is the linguistic version of "to a man
>whose only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail."

Oh. I see what you mean. Yes. "doubleplusungood quality" is a two term
tanru where the first term exemplifies the second rather tha restricts it.
Actually, how *do* you do that in lojban (distinguish this usage from the
restrictive usage)?

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